Dark Knight trilogy and Inception director Christopher Nolan has never failed to think big (nor balked at ambitious ventures), but his upcoming film Interstellar – based on a script that was co-written by his brother, Jonathan, and informed by the space travel theories of astrophysicist Kip Thorne – looks as though it may be his most impressive creation to date, judging by the latest trailer.

The project remains largely hidden away behind a curtain ahead of its theatrical debut (as all Nolan productions have been for years now), but it’s been revealed that the film’s story revolves around a pilot named Cooper (Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey) who undertakes a far-reaching space mission – a journey that represents a last ditch effort to save humanity from extinction, in the wake of a global ecological collapse on Earth.

Nolan and McConaughey premiered the latest Interstellar trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con last week, but it is now online for everyone else to watch. Said new trailer can be unlocked via the official Interstellar website, by entering the code 7201969 (which represents the date of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, on July 20, 1969).

Via Screenrant