Ahead of their Goodbar takeover this Saturday, we had a quick chat to Odyssey Festival founder, Charlie Cripps and got him to throw together some tracks for the next edition of our ongoing Spotify playlist series, Tracks Like This.

How did Odyssey start and what are you about? 

The idea of a music festival first was ambitiously sought after by my brother henry, having thrown a few successful smaller parties at a family owned property in the Yarramalong valley, we had always considered the possibility of taking it one step further, where last year we brought Odyssey Festival to life. With henry’s ambition and my passion for music it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try and bring people together for a serene experience in not only music, but also within a friendly environment and social setting, and that’s something we hope to pursue for the future.

What would be your biggest goal as a brand?
We are always chopping and changing ideas about where the brand should be going but I think focusing on the festival, coming up with new ideas new experiences that people can enjoy. This is challenging of course, but we ultimately hope to build the Odyssey brand up and see if we can come back stronger for round two of the festival.

What are your plans for next year if you can share them?
For the moment we are focusing on our city-based projects, to build up a bigger customer base. We will be organising Sydney parties under the Odyssey brand with artists that we favour and venues that we like to provide the ultimate experience. As for the festival… well that’s information that will have to remain behind closed doors for the meantime

Want to have a guess who is on our first line up for Summer at the Greenwood?
Hmmm, I would like to see Maceo Plex come to Sydney, I’m sure Division and even him would feel like he has unfinished business especially considering his absence at Days Like This.

Odyssey Festival take over Nights Like This @ Goodbar this Saturday 2nd of June. More details here.